PerSonoCall 2.11

Offers integration between Skype and the .Audio 910 headset solution
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Fixed bug where the speaker mute was being toggled in addition to the microphone mute for the Voyager 510-USB and the .Audio 910.
Fixed crashing bug on Vista caused by trying to access the mixer before it was available.

Added the ability to turn on the headset's radio link and leave it on with the "Lock headset radio link on" feature. It is accessible either through the Basic Options tab or the context menu of the PerSonoCall icon in the system tray.

Added the ability to turn the radio link off from the PerSonoCall icon in the system tray.

Added the ability to chose whether the talk button would turn the radio link off versus starting a new call. This is set with the "allow talk button to toggle the headset's radio link" setting on the basic options tab.

Select outgoing line on the current status tab now works with the standard OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons. The old "Select outgoing line" button is now redundant and has been removed.

The headset will no longer ring in response to an incoming call in Skype if Skype is set to "do not disturb" mode.

The Skype audio device will now be changed to operate with the Headset in when PerSonoCall launches or when the headset responds to user input.

The "allow talk button to toggle radio link" option is now gone. This behavior has become the default. Pressing the talk button will no longer give the user a dialtone.

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